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Tam’s thoughts – the first step


Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. But the other times, these words are all we need. Words of joy and happiness, words of comfort and forgiveness. These words are the bridge between our emotions and the world.

We can’t control what’s inside us, but we can control how we express ourselves. No one is allowed to judge how we feel, but they are allowed to judge the way we carry our feelings into the world. We often think about how we feel and how our emotions effect our mental health. But how do our emotions affect others? Seeing other people cry makes us sad, and feeling discomfort in somebody’s body language makes us feel uncomfortable. Seeing someone full of joy and happiness can brighten our day.

But we can’t control the way our emotions makes someone feel. We can only control the way they feel about our emotions by carrying them the right way. We don’t want to hurt our loved ones by taking out on them, even though they were always there whenever we needed them. They might say it doesn’t matter, but it does. Never say things you might regret when you’re emotional.

Communication is the key to many things in life. Work, relationships and many other things can be fixed or broken by the way we communicate. The words we use can affect more than we will ever know. Think of our words as if we’re holding a gun. Once we pull the trigger, there’s no way back.

Love, Tam


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